Saturday, 3 November 2012


Don't know whether I mentioned but I joined the rowing team at UT. I had my first and only proper race last weekend Secret City in Oakridge, in aid of Halloween we were allowed to dress up our mixed 8 boat were Zombies it was so fun. It will be a shame not to be able to be out on the water as the fall season has ended now. A x

Nashville Scrimmage
Women's Novis Eight 
Pecarious Dock 
Mixed Eight Zombies

Friday, 2 November 2012

Fall Break Asheville, NC

For fall break I got another state off my tick list. We went to the Asheville, North Carolina for the long weekend we visited downtown, a cutes nature reserve where I got to see a black bear for the first time. Asheville town centre's full of lovely cafe's and restaurants it was hard to pick where to go. A friend had recommended Dobra Tea which is a cafe that serves tea from all over the world. I had an indian masala chai that you can drink with milk and honey. It was the right amount of spicey and warmed the cockles. Mitt Romney was in town whilst we were there too which was a massive surprise the republicans were out on mass and there were some interesting tactics from the Obama supporters. One girl was calmly sat at her window looking to be meditating while gesturing to the Romeyites that walked past. It was hilarious to see because as a brit I of course have my opinions but no real stake in the election. We also went to Johnson city on the way back n slipped in some thrift stores. I got some long awaited Dr Martens for $4 and can't stop wearing em. A x

Pheebs with her breakfast waffle

Bob cat  
Creepy Graffiti 

Multi Purpose Gigs