Sunday, 30 December 2012

Belated Blogging

Confession. I got bad at blogging towards the end of the semester everything was so hectic. So I am  gonna give you a quick snapshot of what I didn't get round to blogging, before the year comes to an end and it feels improper to carry on banging on about Tennessee. I have had a fabulous Christmas and am gonna enjoy being exam less and chillin' till the end of January.  Here's some of my last snaps from the US of A : (. 

Cracker Barrel w/ the Gilstrapp's 
En route to Chicago
American Academy of Religion Conference 

The Parthenon Centennial Park 
Kelsey's Grandma's House 

Patriotic Gingerbread House
Christmas Party

Chicago Take 2: The Beautiful  Bean
Skydeck Willis Tower 

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