Sunday, 30 December 2012

Belated Blogging

Confession. I got bad at blogging towards the end of the semester everything was so hectic. So I am  gonna give you a quick snapshot of what I didn't get round to blogging, before the year comes to an end and it feels improper to carry on banging on about Tennessee. I have had a fabulous Christmas and am gonna enjoy being exam less and chillin' till the end of January.  Here's some of my last snaps from the US of A : (. 

Cracker Barrel w/ the Gilstrapp's 
En route to Chicago
American Academy of Religion Conference 

The Parthenon Centennial Park 
Kelsey's Grandma's House 

Patriotic Gingerbread House
Christmas Party

Chicago Take 2: The Beautiful  Bean
Skydeck Willis Tower 

Saturday, 3 November 2012


Don't know whether I mentioned but I joined the rowing team at UT. I had my first and only proper race last weekend Secret City in Oakridge, in aid of Halloween we were allowed to dress up our mixed 8 boat were Zombies it was so fun. It will be a shame not to be able to be out on the water as the fall season has ended now. A x

Nashville Scrimmage
Women's Novis Eight 
Pecarious Dock 
Mixed Eight Zombies

Friday, 2 November 2012

Fall Break Asheville, NC

For fall break I got another state off my tick list. We went to the Asheville, North Carolina for the long weekend we visited downtown, a cutes nature reserve where I got to see a black bear for the first time. Asheville town centre's full of lovely cafe's and restaurants it was hard to pick where to go. A friend had recommended Dobra Tea which is a cafe that serves tea from all over the world. I had an indian masala chai that you can drink with milk and honey. It was the right amount of spicey and warmed the cockles. Mitt Romney was in town whilst we were there too which was a massive surprise the republicans were out on mass and there were some interesting tactics from the Obama supporters. One girl was calmly sat at her window looking to be meditating while gesturing to the Romeyites that walked past. It was hilarious to see because as a brit I of course have my opinions but no real stake in the election. We also went to Johnson city on the way back n slipped in some thrift stores. I got some long awaited Dr Martens for $4 and can't stop wearing em. A x

Pheebs with her breakfast waffle

Bob cat  
Creepy Graffiti 

Multi Purpose Gigs

Monday, 22 October 2012


I won a $25 gift card from the UT farmers market for Three Rivers Market Knoxville's community food cooperative! I can't visit this week and get myself come much needed fruit and veg. Hopefully they'll have bulgar wheat too which I keep forgetting to look for in the supermarket! 

Three Rivers Market
From the Three Rivers Market Website

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Girls on tour in Atlanta, GA

I took a trip to Atlanta the other weekend we travelled on the mega bus which was surprisingly really easy from Knoxville. Heads up though if you've ever travel on a mega bus take a blanket, when the ac's on it gets very chilly. We stayed in a (hotel motel) Holiday INN which had an with excellent view over the olympic park. There's so much to see there, we went for a tour around the CNN studio's, claim to fame Biebers mum was on HLN whilst we were there. We also ventured out of downtown to The Ebenezer Baptist Church and The Martin Luther King Jr museum it was really insightful to learn more about the civil rights movement and see photographs. Bombay Bicycle Club were playing a gig on the Saturday night which we went to it was at the coolest venue The Masquerade  which looked from outside to be what can only be described as a brick trailer on stilts. It was the first time I'd seen the band live and they were amazing. We ate in two American diners whilst we were there we had the best strawberry milkshake in Johnny Rockets. It was a lovely weekend I want to go back! A x

Mural outside Martin Luther King Jr Museum
Ebenezer Baptist church Martin Luther King's church

 Centennial Olympic Park

John Lewis Mural
Georgia State Capitol Building 
Obama Biden Office
Bombay Bicycle Club 
Civil Right Movement Monument  
Jade n Phoebe in Johnny Rockets

Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend in Bluff City

We had the most perfect weekend a few weeks back when our American friends Michaela n Shannon took us home with them.  Michaela's family truly welcomed us into their home they fed us so much and even got us english tea! Bless em! The night we arrived we instantly felt at home we had yummy S'mores and a bonfire! On the Saturday we went out to a beautiful lake on the speed boat, had a barbecue on an island and I did scurfing for the first time. In the evening we played Redneck life a hilarious board game where you take on a Redneck alias mine was Wynona Louise. She married twice worked in the Beer and Bait Mark n had 8 step kids all named Darryl n one of her own Slick. We also had the opportunity to go shooting I didn't trust myself with the BIG GUNS but shot the crossbow. So much fun was had we even squeezed in a bit a Goodwill shopping my favourite past time. I got a lovely floral skirt and velvet maxi dress. I had a fabulous weekend and it was cool to get off campus n see how American life is in the country A x

The Girls at the top of the Dam 
Babes n their boards
Cheeky Americans
Seth n the musket 
Trying to be Royal whilst scurfing
Girls n GUNS
 Me thinking I'm Maid Marian 
Cray Religious plaque
Goodwill Love 
Michaela n I
Enjoying Redneck Life