Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend in Bluff City

We had the most perfect weekend a few weeks back when our American friends Michaela n Shannon took us home with them.  Michaela's family truly welcomed us into their home they fed us so much and even got us english tea! Bless em! The night we arrived we instantly felt at home we had yummy S'mores and a bonfire! On the Saturday we went out to a beautiful lake on the speed boat, had a barbecue on an island and I did scurfing for the first time. In the evening we played Redneck life a hilarious board game where you take on a Redneck alias mine was Wynona Louise. She married twice worked in the Beer and Bait Mark n had 8 step kids all named Darryl n one of her own Slick. We also had the opportunity to go shooting I didn't trust myself with the BIG GUNS but shot the crossbow. So much fun was had we even squeezed in a bit a Goodwill shopping my favourite past time. I got a lovely floral skirt and velvet maxi dress. I had a fabulous weekend and it was cool to get off campus n see how American life is in the country A x

The Girls at the top of the Dam 
Babes n their boards
Cheeky Americans
Seth n the musket 
Trying to be Royal whilst scurfing
Girls n GUNS
 Me thinking I'm Maid Marian 
Cray Religious plaque
Goodwill Love 
Michaela n I
Enjoying Redneck Life

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