Friday, 14 September 2012


I went to my first football game last Saturday even though the rain came down it was an experience not to missed! I have never seen so much orange in all my life and I was astounded by the bands moves n the amount of times Ole' Rocky Top was played! I defo's know it now! It's safe to day we thrashed Georgia 51-13 but the tensions building for tomorrow's game where we are playing our rivals the Gators from Florida! Some people say they're better than us so no one really knows whether the VOL spirit and intense training we have undergone this summer will prove enough to triumph. Exciting!

American, English N a token Brazilian ofc
Orange grim reapers
Me, Phoebe N Georgia
We found a Band Man N got a cheeky photo
   Watching Footloose on Market Square with some 
David's Birthday Party Den Nis ha 

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