Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Nostalgia Knoxville

I have discovered a vintage market store in Knoxville. Woop! It's  called Nostalgia and is situated just off Kingston Pike the main road out of Knoxville towards the mall. There are 30 different sellers under one roof meaning there's such a variety of vintage on offer. I must say I was not disappointed by the cavern of treats. I had to refrain from buying cute items for the flat that I would have struggled to manage home on the bus back to campus.  I had a lovely time browsing the wears and meeting the adorable pug mascot Napolean!  It is well worth a visit.  I am currently listening to Nashville's NEW Country, the perfect accompaniment to blogging love A x 

Fish tank television obvs 
"The Vintique Market"
Religious Tapestry 
Mary Statue still not found a life size one ha  
Political Badges 
Retro couch

Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar? 
Knoxville had the World Fair in 1982 claim to fame! 
Napolean and I


  1. Ooh, this is so neat! I'm moving to Nashville in January, so I will have to make a day trip and head up to Knoxville :)

  2. This place literally looks amazing! Wish I could go.



  3. It's is definitely worth a visit.They're opening another store near the old city soon, cannot wait! A x